Scented Wax Bars/Melts

Wax bar, wax melts, whatever you call them, I’ll tell you why so many people cannot live without their Scentsy wax!

Scentsy use a custom, high quality paraffin blend wax which has the best scent loading ability. In fact it can hold on average 40% more fragrance oil than other leading brands! Meaning it lasts longer and smells much stronger.
I know you’ve read the word ‘paraffin’ and gasped! Let me reassure you that paraffin only releases toxins into the air when it is burned, seeing as we only gently warm, the wax never gets burny hot, we don’t have a problem with those nasty toxins that candles release.

All of the fragrances are designed by award winning perfumers. There are around 30-60 ingredients that go into each scent.

Each bar comes sealed with a foil insert to keep them in tip top condition in a plastic clam shell. The bar can be broken up into 8 cubes and each individual cube will last around 8-10 hours, so around 80 hours from just 1 bar!

There are over 80 scents to choose from. Something to suit everyone’s nose! They’re all arranged into fragrance families so you can hone in on your favourites quickly!

Bundle & Save

Bars are £7.25 each, you can see them all in their fragrance families here.
You can also bundle and save on wax, woohoo, save some pennies!
3 bars are £20.75 (save £1) or if you buy 5 bars, you’ll get one absolutely free! Yay!
My website won’t combine it for you, if you’d like 3 bars go here or if you’d like 6 bars go here and add in the bars you’d like.

Scentsy wax and Scentsy warmers were created to go together, click here to learn all about our warmers and shop here or get in touch if you’d like me to order for you.