Scentsy Electric Wax Warmers

There are over 60 stylish, unique, electric wax warmers in our range. There is something to suit all budgets, tastes and compliment all decors. Find out about them all just below.

All warmers come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty. If it ever stopped working just get in touch with me and I can arrange a replacement for you.

Mini Wax Warmers

Mini electric wax warmers showing how they plug straight into the socket.
Just a small selection of our minis, click through the link below to see them all.

These clever little things plug straight into your socket. A low watt lightbulb sits just inside the the shade and the warmth from the bulb melts your wax. I love mine in my kitchen, it goes straight on as soon as I’ve finished cooking to get rid of those left over food smells.
Our range of minis is over 20 now and growing each new catalogue season too.
You can see them all here –

Element Wax Warmers

Element wax warmers displayed in a home setting
Just a small selection including the flower vine warmer. My very first warmer!

Our range of element warmers use a low watt warming plate to gently warm the wax. Some of them have no light, they’re perfect if you’d like to pop one on your sideboard maybe where you already have a lamp. Some of them have LED’s which make them glow beautifully when they’re on. The element warmers aren’t separated on my website, you can see them all here –
If you’d like to know which warmers light up and which don’t, just get in touch. All my contact details can be found here

Lampshade Wax Warmers

Lampshade wax warmers displayed showing how they look lit up
Just things of beauty! A perfect extra touch to your decor.

I think the lampshade warmers are my absolute faves! They’re like nothing you can buy on the high street making them perfectly unique!
All of these beauties use light bulbs to gently warm the wax and all give off varying amounts of light. Lots of them are really popular to use as bedside lamps. Some of them throw off beautiful light patterns too.
Again, they’re all mixed in with all the other warmers but you can see them all here –

Read all about our wax that has specifically been made to be used in our warmers here

Picture showing wax bars and how they break into individual cubes.