Hey! I’m Heidi an Independent Scentsy Director from Wales.

I thought this would be a fun place to document my Scentsy life and because I like all my ducks in a row, it’s a handy place to categorise everything neatly. Whether you’re looking for information and tips about the products, having your own side gig or you’re just here to have a nosy into my Scentsy life, you’ve come to the right place. It’s very much work in progress at the moment, not all pages have information so bare with me, it will be a one stop shop soon enough!

consultant showing her face with a wax bar
Hello 🙂

First off, here’s a little bit about us…

I live in North Wales with my fambo. My hubby Andy is chief borrow bag delivery man. My daughter is the honest scent reviewer, my smallest small is chief stickerer and my eldest is my accountant in the making! Then there’s me – overseeer of everything! 😀 We LOVE our waxy world and Scentsy life!

A picture of my family on a cold winter walk.
Here we are on a very cold walk in beautiful Llandudno to see the seals. We’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

I joined Scentsy in September 2017. It was just going to be a hobby alongside my creative business. I’d never had any experience in direct sales and had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Thanks to the amazing training Scentsy provide and a super supportive community , it soon began to get under my skin, fast forward 20 months and as they say the rest is history!

You can read our full story and all about our Scentsy life here or jump straight in and start your own Scentsy life here